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We currently need moderators, administrators, content authors, and page designers.  If you are interested in helping please visit the community forums and let us know by replying that you are interested in volunteering your time to our community!

Facebook Liberty Score

We’ve totaled up some statistics, calculating all of our posts per day, and the rate at which we see “this content cannot be displayed” (soft censor) and members being banned (hard censor).  Here is the compiled statistics on current censorship of just our PRIVATE group alone. God help any public groups.

Our Liberty Score

Because we pride free speech and oppose censorship except in the direst cases, we will proudly display our “Liberty Score”.  The more green you see, the better.

These statistics are LIVE and update as our moderators take actions or members post content.

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Convention Of States

This community is a supporter of the Convention of States.  The Convention of States is a safe alternative to rebellion insofar as to provide the states with a method of rehibilitating the constitution without the need for a civil war.

Drop Facebook

Avoid Facebook if possible!  As you know, we have moved our group to this website because of the gross censorship and overreach by Facebook admins.  Our group members are being targeted for bans and our content just disappears.

Get Help

We have put together an official and open group for everyone to join to get help with the website, groups, members, and how to get your own group up and running.  If you have any questions, search for your question or create your own help topic.

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How Safe Is My Data?

Privacy Policy
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We make every effort to ensure your data is safe and secure.  Our site uses 512-bit encryption with a certified SSL certificate through the Comodo Root Certificate Authority and we encrypt your most private details while using irreversible encryption on the most sensitive information such as your password. With all that said, there can never be 100% security just like a house can never be 100% secure.  We still advise caution.

We give you the power to determine what is public and what is private. The only public items that are mandatory on our website is your first name and your display name. You can configure everything else to be as private as you want, or as public as you want.

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Know The Consitution

It is very important that every American read and know the United States Constitution. We have made a copy of the Constitution word-for-word and have formatted it into an easy-to-read web page.


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