Who Are We?

What do you think when you hear the term, “The South is Rising Again” touting the Confederate Battleflag?

Rednecks? Racists? Bigots? Hateful? Intolerant? Angry people?

You would be right on only one count.  We are angry as hell.  We are angry with the constant disenfranchisement of the American people.  We are angry at the intolerance and bigotry of Facebook….


Time and time again our group members are censored on Facebook because we express the anger of the political stage in American, general intolerance and government intrusion and totalitarian creep. We also express our concerns on radical Islam which is censored.  Any political view we state has a 30% chance of censoring.  So let’s examine the definition of bigotry:

  1. intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.
    “the difficulties of combating prejudice and bigotry”

How clear is that? What is it called when you express your opinion and it is immediately censored?  Bigotry.


No, you are confused by the liberal indoctrination camps we call “The Department of Education”.  Look to the right, we have enclosed a list of facts about the Confederate Battleflag and the South you might not know about.

Straight Record

This is the confederate battleflag, the banner of war.  The flag you generally see, “The Stars and Bars” is the symbol of the Confederacy. So what did the Confederacy represent? Click the next tab.

The Confederacy, or “The Confederated States of America” was an alternate “union of states” under a new constitution called, “The Articles of Confederation” which established a small central government for the sole and only purpose of national defense and nothing more.

The idea of a confederacy was to ensure that the states have the supreme authority inside their state. This was the ultimate solution to a totalitarian central government we have today.

Why did the war start? Why did the South secede? Because the South had slaves?

It is true, the south indeed had slaves, but so did the North.  But that is no excuse for the south, we realize that but the point is that you need to see the war was not about slavery, and the South did not represent slavery. Was it a battle of races then, the White Man vs. Black Man? Couldn’t be that, the largest plantations were owned by African Americans, in fact, the most feared slave owners were African Americans.

Was it a battle of races then, the White Man vs. Black Man?

It couldn’t be that, the largest plantations were owned by African Americans, in fact, the most feared slave owners were African Americans.

Couldn’t be that, the largest plantations were owned by African Americans, in fact, the most feared slave owners were African Americans.

Why did it start then?  Because of something that happens today, the disenfranchisement of the people. Before the civil war, votes were counted by state, not by the population as it is today which changed after the Civil War as terms of the surrender.  In fact, that was exactly why it started.

After Abraham Lincoln was elected without the vote of a single southern state and even some northern states, the south wised up and realized they had no real power or voice in the Union. That was, of course, the “direct cause” but other causes that lead up to the “last straw” was how powerful and “Magna Carta” like the constitution was becoming giving more and more power to Congress and the President.

Now, that’s an education you can’t get in a public school.

Contrary to popular belief, we are not racist, intolerant, or bigoted.  We want anyone who is fed up with our out of control government pandering to radical Islam to join us. Black, White, Brown, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Male, Female. All are welcome.

If you are a III%’er, then you know what I’m about to tell you is true.  You have more in common with Sothern Rebels than you might think, actually, it is we that have more in common with you, in fact, I challenge you to name a difference other than geography and the fact we lost the war.

  • Both represents a rebellion
  • Both rebelled against misrepresentation of the people
  • Both established a new government against tyranny

“But the South did not have the right to secede! Secession was ILLEGAL!”

While we can argue the legitimacy of secession with you, did we have the right to secede or declare our independence from England?

You decide.  Many Southern Rebels identify themselves among III%’ers.

As you can see, we, nor the south is hateful, bigoted, racist, or slave mongers. We understand our history, and we are willing to fight and defend our country against an out of control government.

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Our Start

We started this site as a Facebook group called “The South Is Rising Again”.  The website was created out of necessity for a safe-haven to communicate without censorship or threat of being banned. Many community members grew very concerned about their account and the community dissolving in such an event.

Shannan, the groups administrator asked around for ideas on how to avoid the inevitable catastrophe approaching from Facebook and an external website with similar features to Facebook was proposed as the answer.  On April 18, 2016, Michael Wells donated his time and money to creating the website’s code, design, hosting, and security.


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