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Blocked08-202012Censorship is a real thing. The political polarized and motivated Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, is a known, raging liberal that has publicly sought out and censored conservatives on his company’s websites, including Facebook.

But I don’t have to bring up the fact that our own groups have lost several members and posts, and I don’t have to ask you to be anecdotal in trying to make claims to prove this point.  The facts are already out there, such as the Facebook CEO being caught on a hot mic talking about how he can further censor conservatives.

We cannot support this.  Any constitutionalist cannot support this.  While it is every company’s right to run their business as they please, it remains our right to protest methods that are employed to exploit our constitution in order to persecute or discriminate against any particular demographic.

Think about it.  How many times have you personally seen the messages, “this content cannot be displayed” or someone create a new Facebook account just to try and circumvent a ban for something they posted (especially those people you know to be decent conservatives)?  How many?  It is countless if your friend’s list exceeds more than 500. How much longer until your entire group is censored or your IP address is censored?

Censorship is only scratching the surface, though.  There are many other atrocities Facebook commits as well as turning blind eyes to atrocities.

jihad-allowedIf it is not bad enough that our posts are being removed left-and-right for the dumbest things such as “Visual Offense”, actual hateful photos are allowed to remain.

allowed-by-fb-proofI reported the photo shown on the left on the “Muslim Americans for the Second Ammendment” facebook page.  As you can see, the headband the Muslim girl wears is the Jihad headband, and loosely translating what is on her hand band, it says “Death to Christians and Jews”. The response I got from Facebook was absolutely shocking.

But ensure you don’t just take our word for it, here is the post-embed right here, it is still up with the headband saying “Death to Christians and Jews”.

UPDATE: Obviously, boycotts work.



profits-privacy-facebook-644x250By now, if you haven’t been sickened to your core yet, this next little tidbit is sure to fry your goat.

Facebook claims it does not sell your personal information to anyone (claim). But that just is not the case (proof).

claim“Aren’t they lying”, I know you’re thinking to yourself.  Technically no. You see, they’re not technically “selling” your information, they’re GIVING IT AWAY freely to their advertisers who pay 900% more than anyone else to have access to your profile data without your consent. So, they’re not “selling” your data, they’re selling access to your profile in which they can then collect as many data as they want.  Another word, Facebook doesn’t “hand them” anything, they give them the “access” to look around and collect what they want.

So what information do they have access to?  It’s not like we give out our life’s story on Facebook (well at least some of us don’t), right?

Wrong, they can collect information from your friends, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your aunt, your uncle, your children, and your SPOUSE and piece together your most intimate secrets that even one of them may have posted, even privately on their own profile.

Think about that for a moment before you plan on opening a facebook page again.

fbDid you know that you can stop this?  You can turn the tide and dictate to Facebook what they can and cannot do.  But you have to break the status quo’s mold and show discipline and perseverance.

Every visit you make to Facebook you throw in your bid of support for their company and actions through ad revenue.  You don’t have to click a single ad to support them as their advertisers pay Facebook by both clicks and ad views.  Every time an ad shows on your page you have just supported Facebook.

When you support Facebook, you support the liberal fascists and their agenda.  Mark Zuckerberg has donated MILLIONS of DOLLARS from Facebook revenues to the most extreme liberal politicians including the communist, Bernie Sanders.

Your only recourse is to deny Facebook your support by refusing the visit the site.  Liberals make up only about 20% of the world population, Facebook would fold and collapse on its own corporate bureaucracy if all conservatives world-wide would only deny them but for a week.  After only a day, they would be willing to change their policies.

You are now armed with the information to fight back.  What will you do?

If you feel you must participate on Facebook, you can still help!  Share this page on your timeline, post it in groups, and let everyone know they have a choice.  If your friends join you here, cutting the Facebook cord becomes that much easier!

Don’t just share this on Facebook, email it to your friends, tweet it on Twitter, and show it to the world so people know, definitively, this is how you stop Facebook.

Remember that Facebook supports, not just censoring of you, but the protected speech of Islam, Christian Hate, Persecution, and Genocide, Jewish Hate, Persecution, Genocide, as well as death threats to conservative, and the free sale of your private aggregated information users of Facebook.

The question really is, why would you want to visit Facebook “one last time”?


It is not easy. To stop Facebook, you must deny their corporate engine of advertising. Time is of the essence. What will you do if your group is deleted? Can you recover all or most members?


We know you want to stay in touch with your group and community.  This is why we are here.  We have many features, even more than Facebook with no intrusive censorship within your private groups.


We can’t do it alone, we need your help!  We want all conservatives to join us. However, we can’t run the website on our own!  We need moderators and content authors, and many of them.


Then you know exactly what we are talking about.  We know countless Facebook groups in which admins are banned from posting in their own groups, content constantly disappears and you have anything but “Free Speech”.  Here you will experience all the features of Facebook, even very similar navigation, but you’ll have access to even more.

  1. Group Integrated Events
  2. File Sharing
  3. Chat
  4. Group Chat
  5. Instant Messaging
  6. Email Friends from our site
  7. Personal and Group “WALLS”
  8. Forums for formal discussions and debates
  9. Profile privacy
  10. Group privacy
  11. And MUCH, MUCH, More.

How does that sound?

“So What’s The Catch”, you ask? There is none.  Tell your friends, invite your group.  Volunteer.  We are just as passionate as you are! And we want a place in which we can socialize and organize. All you have to do is sign up, create a group, and invite your Facebook group members and friends.

Simple?  Get started!



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