Republican Primaries

Time-Progression Chart

This chart shows the dates in which each candidate received their delegates.  Because there were very little elections held in February, they were all compiled into one sample.

  • Donald Trump
  • Ted Cruz
  • John Kasick

Data Information

All data is current data available according to the states reporting the votes.  There are NO speculative data in these charts (nor will there be). If you find an error, please report them using the “Contact Us” form.

The primaries have officially ended. These are the final numbers.

LAST UPDATED ON 6/12/2016 @ 4:41pm

Delegate Availability

Needed: 1,237 Undecided: 130

Percentage of Delegates

  • Trump
  • Cruz
  • Kasich

For any candidate to win, they will have to win and maintain approximately 60% of the delegate count.

Delegate Progress

Need 1237 Delegates
Undecided 130 Delegates
Trump: 1441 Delegates
Cruz: 551 Delegates
Kasich: 161 Delegates


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