Terms of Service

This agreement, The South Rising Terms of Service, is a binding arrangement between The South Rising Website, hereinafter “THE WEBSITE”, and website user, hereinafter “THE END USER” to establish the terms in which this website is made available from THE WEBSITE to THE END USER.

This service by THE WEBSITE is provided to THE END USER free of charge without any expressed or implied warranty of workmanship or accuracy of any kind and you agree and hold harmless THE WEBSITE for any incidences of liability arising from the website. While we do our best to ensure that the workmanship and accuracy of the site is of the highest quality, we cannot be held responsible in the event of human error.


THE END USER agrees to utilize, upload content, and communicate on this website in accordance with the Community Standards, a set of rules in which offers guidelines on the behavior that is expected from each END USER. Violations of these rules will result in the removal from this community and the inability to post content and access private areas of this website. The full list of Community Standards can be reviewed at https://thesouthrising.org/community-standards/


We have constructed a privacy policy that enumerates the information we collect from you and how we use it.  THE END USER consents and agrees with THE WEBSITE’s privacy policy.  THE END USER can view a full copy of the Privacy Policy at https://thesouthrising.org/privacy-policy/


THE END USER may, at any time, terminate these terms by navigating away from the website and never returning, by voluntarily visiting this website THE END USER thereby agrees and consents to these terms as binding and fair.


THE END USER agrees to utilize this website in a means that is not unlawful in the State of North Carolina and follows the laws of the END USER’s local, state, and federal governments. Anyone may report abuse issues to admin@thesouthrising.org or abuse@thesouthrising.org


THE END USER agrees that any litigation through civil or criminal will be granted due authority to the Wayne County, North Carolina court system.


Should any court that construes this document and shall find that any portion of this document unenforceable, only said section shall be modified to the extent to retain enforceability on all other sections and will not invalidate any other section herein.


THE WEBSITE cannot be held liable for any attacks made on our website.  Content in which is uploaded to our website that may cause harm to your computer, business, or person are not acts THE WEBSITE allows, however, they are acts that can happen. In such event, THE WEBSITE will fully cooperate with the local authorities when necessary but THE WEBSITE cannot be held liable for the acts of others.   THE END USER THEREFOR AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE WEBSITE AGAINST ALL LIABILITIES INCURRED BY THIRD PARTY USERS TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT ALLOWED BY THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.


Please email admin@thesouthrising.org with any copyright infringement or IP complaints you may have.  THE WEBSITE will evaluate every case based on the merits you supply.  If we find that the merits of THE END USER’s complaint sufficiently and reasonably meets the burden of probable cause, we will remove the content.  WE CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR THE POSTING OF CONTENT. THE END USER AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE WEBSITE FOR ANY AND ALL COPYRIGHT AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY CLAIMS.


THE WEBSITE retains full rights and pleasure to amend these Terms at our sole discretion with or without notice or forewarning.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE END USER, TO CHECK BACK FREQUENTLY TO SEE THE BELOW DATE OF THE LAST AMENDMENTS AND BECOME REAQUAINTED WITH THESE TERMS.

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